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    Lithium-ion Cordless Power Source
    Li-ion 1.5Ah

    Lithium-ion Cordless Flashlight ~ Lithium battery pack~ Hard-low-flash light three modes~ Charges for mobile phone etc electronic devices

    • Lithium-ion Cordless Power Source-PB1402/1801


    Lithium-ion Cordless Power Source

    14.4V/18V??Lithium battery power source

    ??3W Led light
    ? Hard-low-flash light three modes
    ? Charges for mobile phone etc electronic devices

    Specification Item Parameter Parameter
    LED Output: PB1402 PB1801
    USB Output: DC5V/2A DC5V/2A
    Operating time: >540mins >1740mins
    Battery: Li-ion 14.4V 1.5Ah Li-ion 18V 1.5Ah


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