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    400W Compact Reciprocating Saw

    Innovative design for confined spaces~ Extremely compact design~ Operational with one hand with exceptional balance~ 3500 strokes per minute and 13 mm stroke length for fast cutting applications

    • NEW Compact Reciprocating saw Manufacturer-AR400


    400W Compact Reciprocating Saw
    ???innovative counterbalance technology and anti-vibration handle reduce vibration
    ??maintains desired speed for consistent performance under load
    ??Compact size allows easy cutting in challenging positions, especially overhead for less fatigue with light weight design
    ??Variable speed trigger - improves cutting control in various materials
    ??Ergonomic handle with soft grip - maximum comfort and gripping during cutting
    ??.Blade change system - most robust blade holder system for reliable and durable expectations
    ??3500 strokes per minute and 13mm stroke length for fast cutting applications?

    Model No. AR400
    Power Supply? 100-240~50/60HZ
    Power 400W
    No-load Stroke rate(spm) 0-3500
    Stroke length(mm) 13
    Sound pressure level(dB(A)) 83
    Sound pressure level uncertainty[dB[A]] 3
    Sound power level(dB(A)) 94
    Sound power level uncertainty[dB[A]] 3
    Vibration cutting in boards[m|s2] 18.3
    Vibration cutting boards uncertainty[m|s2] 1.5
    Vibration cutting wooden beam[m|s2] 18.4
    Vibration cutting wooden beam ncertainty[m|s2] 1.5


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