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    AK18DA 18V Li-Ion Cordless Impact Driver

    Superior impact mechanism creates high wrench torque, Li-ion 18V 1.5/3.0Ah/4.0Ah, 6.35mm keyless hex-driver allows for quick and easy bit changes Sensitive variable speed control for versatile use Megnalium gear housing and new plasctic materials engagement grarantee a durable housing


    AK18DA 18V Li-Ion Cordless Impact Driver
    ?Superior impact mechanism creates high torque ?
    ??Sensitive variable speed control for versatile use
    ?Megnalium gear housing and new plastic materials engagement guarantee a durable housing
    ??All metal gearing inside for efficient power transmission and long tool life
    ?New redesigned rubberized soft grip provides increased comfort on the job
    ?LED working light illuminates dark work spaces
    ?The power lamp displays remaining battery charge state
    ?.Li-Ion batteries deliver high runtime and increase durability

    Specification Item ?Parameter?
    Model No AK18DA
    No-load speed ?0-2100r/min?
    Impact Rate ?0-3200BPM
    Max torque 220N.M
    Machine Screw 4-8mm(D)
    Standard bolt ?4-12/5-10mm(D)?
    Battery Type Li-ion 18V 1.5Ah/2.0Ah/3.0Ah/4.0Ah
    Charger 1 hour ?fast charger


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